Employee Engagement: Growing Popularity from Within

Employee Engagement: Growing Popularity from Within
Employee Engagement: Growing Popularity from Within

Your employees can be some of your best tools for social media marketing. Why? It is simple: When your employees engage in your business posts on social media platforms, it not only builds authenticity with your audience but also increases their trust.

In today’s age, just about anyone can be an influencer, and just about everything can be brand. Everything that is posted online is a representation of who we are and why we do what we do. Many businesses leverage their biggest asset to grow their business — their employees for marketing purposes. After all, who knows a company better than its employees?


Remember, your employees are just like your brand. Hence, everything they do will affect your business. Utilizing employee engagement power, it is easier to cultivate an authentic and personalized identity online, conveying what your company is all about.

Consumer trust is exceptionally low in the initial stages of a business. Therefore, it is only logical that you communicate with your target audience through your employees. Employee engagement is one of the best ways to be transparent about your company.

As we know, people buy from people, not from brands. Whenever a potential client or customer Googles a brand, it is more likely that the profiles of its employees will show up first. It only makes sense that those profiles should be compelling.

Professional social media platforms such as LinkedIn has more than 260 million users logging every month. It provides numerous opportunities for employees to showcase their industry knowledge and work history as well as share messages and news from their respective companies.

Social and community content manager of business.com, Haley Hanlon, said that the company’s social media image could be boosted with the help of employees. It can also attract new talents in the foreseeable future as professionals are always seeking organizations that present a good and positive vibe from its employees.

Employee engagement can actually show whether your company truly loves something or they are just limited to quarterly philanthropy events. It is all about establishing the authenticity of your brand. When employees share their side of the story on social media, it is considered as the true side. It brings loyalty and adds life to a business. Otherwise, it is just another LinkedIn page in existence.

Given the level of impact employee advocacy can have on the business, it will be better if it comes from a place of authenticity. The first step to doing this is to create a culture within the organization that employees willingly would want to post about the company.

Try to provide your employees with ready-made opportunities in the form of content — like sharing about company-sponsored events, press releases, and employee outings. In this way, whenever your employees want to post about work, they do not have to look far for developed content. The process of “Employee Engagement: Growing Popularity from Within” will stay organic and will feel natural.

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