The frontlines of social media marketing can be a difficult area to navigate, which is not surprising considering social networks change faster than any online space. It can be a recipe to leave you with scratching your head if you are not the type to check the notes section after every app update.

To help curb the confusion and keep you up to date on your social media marketing efforts, we have taken it upon us to curate the most noteworthy of social media trends to keep an eye out for at the beginning of this decade.

If you are still reluctant to produce video content for your marketing strategies, it may be time to finally consider it. It is no secret that video content has been taking a lead on most platforms in terms of engagement, and it is looking like that momentum is refusing to slow down at the dawn of 2020.

On Facebook, averaging at around 1.9 active monthly users, it is found that video content exceeds all other types of posts, including photos, links, and text-based content. Twitter has also shifted towards its own video strategy in a big way as of late. The platform has been focussed on hosting live-stream broadcasts and has even announced a live-streaming option to view the 2020 Olympics.

Marketing teams are beginning to shift away from partnering with celebrities for their social media marketing and towards finding ‘medium-sized’ influencers that more align with their brand values.

It has started to dawn on people that the benefit of finding an influencer with a genuine passion for their niche can far outweigh the short-term gain of celebrity recognition. Rather than operating on a campaign-by-campaign basis, trends point towards long term relationships between influencers and brands.

Less of a trend and more of a promise—Facebook said last year it would be looking to combine the features of Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp into a single piece of software, along with two new options.

The first is that Facebook will be implementing payment functionality within this new system, allowing for a streamlined transfer of funds that could prove beneficial for growing sellers and businesses. The second is bot integration. On the platform itself, Facebook’s bot scene never took off in a big way, though as of this moment there are more than 300,000 active bots within Messenger. Facebook may be looking to join this up with Instagram’s messaging system where it is predicted bots could be much more popular.

The best way to keep up with the whirlwind of social media trends is to keep your eyes open. That is not to be facetious—as you work through your posting calendar across your chosen networks, make note of the changes you see as platforms get updated, or if engagement preferences begin to change. Staying vigilant will be your greatest asset in staying ahead of the game.